Thursday, September 20, 2007

Productive HR.

When a faculty lectures on “Attitude”, “Ego”, “Superior-Sub-ordinate Relationship”…which session do u think is going on?
Well….not really…it is a session on Productivity Techniques (P.T)
Amused? Let me explain….here is how it goes!

Each session of P.T starts with recapitulation of Productivity Ratio. (Output/Input)
From here, it moves on to Partial Productivity of Labour….
Once the “Labour” term comes in…The HR Domain is entered…and then there is no looking back.
The numericals of Productivity get replaced by the Theories of HR….The so called P.T Session gets transformed into an HR Class.

The Receivers of the session or the so called Future Managers aren’t very happy with this.
“He (the faculty) isn’t teaching what he is meant to teach”…..goes the Class Sentiment.

The efficiency with which the faculty slips out of his subject and targets an entirely new one…helps them understand the practical aspects of Labour Productivity in the wrong direction!

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