Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mice - o - Nomics

If not the humans, let’s learn it from the mice.

Sniff and Scurry are one good lot, who depict the value of change.

Way back in 1998, Dr Spencer Johnson spotted 2 mice enjoying their huge piece of Cheese. He observed them devour bite by bite, day after day. What marveled him was the fact, that these 2 tiny creatures made it a point to note the diminishing supply of cheese with every day’s meal.

Tugged along with them, were 2 brain-laden humans, Hem and Haw, who enjoyed the same cheese but with a blinded vision. The reducing Cheese supply didn’t bother them, for they never seemed to take notice of it.

Just like you and me, Dr Johnson too waited for the day, the Cheese would diminish completely, and this fateful day arrived sooner than expected.

S&S were fast to let go their old cheese and moved on in search of new ones.

But H&H were the usual brooding brainy creatures, not ready to accept the change.

While Sniff and scurry set on their new journey of finding a new cheese, it took some time for Haw to realize, they too had to do the same.

Spencer makes a detail note of Haw’s transformation from Reluctance to Willingness of accepting change and distress to Hope of finding a new cheese.

Haw carves his learning’s on the walls of the maze, an attempt to motivate his friend Hem to join him in his endeavor.

At the end of the Treasure Hunt Journey, Haw summarizes his newly dawned wisdom as follows:

If you do not change, you get extinct
Get Ready for the Cheese to Move
The quicker you let go the old Cheese, the sooner you find the new one
Move with the Cheese

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