Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pablo: The Miracle Man

It is tempting for some, if not all, to resist the sight of an unlocked Book Shelf ahead of you.

If this unlocked treasure is at your workplace, casualties are even higher.

On one such occassion, i fell prey to Pablo and Bruno.

These 2 happy go lucky guys were employed by their villages for water transportation. They earned their livelihood by transporting water from River to the Village Tavern.

BRUNO was happy earning 1 penny a bucket; he lived a lavish lifestyle in his whole day’s work.

Pablo on the other hand had a vision, a vision to let the Water Flow into the tavern without his carrying the bucket.

Villagers and friends mocked him for his vision, and named him a lazy man, shrugging responsibilities.

Bruno grew richer working whole day long, his bucket carrying effort steadily filled his pockets, Pablo worked only ½ day and spent the balance working on his vision.

He dug holes, laid a path, a path for his water transportation mechanism to come true.

Small actions lead to big results says, Bruke Hudges, when Pablo’s PIPLELINE turned reality.

Now water flowed in without the bucket being carried. Pablo raised high on the charts of popularity among villagers.

Pablo the miracle maker didn’t stop here; he began selling his idea of pipeline to other villagers, then other cities, then countries…

Bruno the Bucket Man, was now tired and stooped by shoulders, the heaviness of work began showing on his health.

Pablo now recruited his dear friend in the business of pipeline making, the two merrily spread the word of Building pipeline.

Visioners like Pablo get criticized at the first instance, safe methods of bucket carrying are always voted for. But buckets get dried up, however big they may be. For a sustainable solution, pipelines need to be built, is the final word of advice.

Hats off to You, Bruke Hudges!

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