Saturday, June 27, 2009

Showers of Happiness

With puddles of water on the way,
Up the sky, the clouds are gray,
Ahead of you, a wet path lays
For, the showers of happiness are at play!

When colourful shelters shot up the air,
And people don the rainy wear,
On the way you walk with care
And feel the showers of happiness everywhere.

You sense a joy that makes you sing,
It makes you dance or makes you swing
A moist smell, the soil brings
Yes, showers of happiness are pouring in.

So its time, for the lakes to fill
And its time, when the winds go chill
Haven’t you thanked the Rain God still?
For, the showers of happiness are His will.


S.Ganesh Kumar said...

I do wish Rain arrives soon in my city,just waiting for the cool breeze which accompanies the Rainfall.:)

Restless poet said...

Nice sonnet.
Ur comments r also precious!~!

Mikes said...

Rain can still be good. I can sleep so well... praise God for the rain!

inty swetha said...

wow!!.. thats gr8!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Hi Vyoma,

Beautiful Poem,Enjoyed the last few lines very much.

Thanks for adding my blog to your network.

Vyazz said...

I have always adored the onset of the monsoon season, which brings respite from the god awful heat!! Nicely written! :)

pranksygang said...

hey i have tagged you ... peep into my blog!

Ashwadhy said...

Really neat. Enjoyed the rhyme scheme. And ofcourse I love the rains.

RG said...


Your words flow, rainwater like
Kindling memories and smells
Monsoon reminds me of many a hike
And those train-stopping spells.

Eating roasted corn* on the street
Forgetting the umbrella deliberately
Wading through floods was a treat
Haven't indulged in such things lately.

* 'Bhutta' in the Mumbaikar's lingo

Time to listen once again to Jagjit Singh's "Woh kaagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani..."

-Unc G

Another Blogger said...

Hot in here, I need the rain ;)

~ manish ~ said...

its raining al d time back here...wanna come here 2 enjoi d monsoons??? :)

ani_aset said...

ahan last line is super..

Post Man said...

i generally don't follow poems...but this one's good....nice rhythm....keep posting

----visit my blog @

BK said...

nice one.. its quite difficult to write a poem that rhymes.. but u have done it and done it well...

and for the rains.. i am reading ur post now coz its raining outside and i am stuck at home ..

Dilasari Hidayat said...

Very nice blog and beautiful poem...I enjoyed reading it very much...

Vivek Patwardhan said...

....the showers of happiness are His will.

That is well said and insightful.

Enjoyed visiting your blog,


Bandish said...


angel from heaven said...

Rain -you have written agood poem.

Vidhu .. !! said...

d poem has a very melodic touch to it ... just rolls off your lips into a sing-song tune ... great composition !!

Dan* said...

lovely poem :)


Rain does relieve us of a lot of pain, Cannot find words to praise your poem. Your poem does bring a shower of happiness:-)