Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tell Me your Dreams

When Ashley Peterson fears someone is following her, not knowing what his/her motive could be, she runs for aid to the most trusted cop in town.
Her relief to have, one of the best guardians lasts not even for a night, as the cop is found dead the next morning.
Toni Prescott, a bold and tom boyish persona (and her famous signature sonnet) discovers her would be fiancé killed. While Toni dislikes Ashley for some unknown reasons, she befriends Allete, who is doomed to learn of her best friend and upcoming artist’s murder.

Momentum gains as evidence shows the same person being involved in all the 3 murders. The shuffling story lines between Ashley, Toni and Allete keep your needle of suspicion turning when the reader is introduced to a psychiatric condition of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

I know it’s unfair on my part, to mention the suspense sections; nevertheless, it is still a good one to pick. (U still don’t know the motive behind the killing)
The book feeds you with substantial information on DID. (Also called Multiple Personality Disorder)

As the story takes you through the interaction between the “Host” and the “Altars” many questions sequentially get answered.
For non medicos, it is alluring to note, that sometimes the “Host” may not know the presence of “Altars” but the “altars” may know each other as well as the “Host”.
It is equally shocking to accept the fact that many doctors around the world, still do not believe that a psychiatric disorder like DID persists.

DID also poses a challenge to the legal doctors when the accused gets convicted of murder in the court of law.
Sidney Sheldon beautifully plays a balancing act with medical and legal sides of the psychological disorder.


alka narula said...

aahaa i have read this one,thw teist in the end is tooooo good....

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Nice post on one of Sidney's awesome book of all times. This is my personal fav too. Liked your blog on the whole too.

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