Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Fear....

U came to me, like an unknown concept,
I tried understanding u,
U generated an idea in me,

I tried developing u,
U gave me a new platform for communication,
I started gaining from u.

From every opportunity, I encashed
With every mistake, I rectified
From every feedback, I learnt
With each passing event- I Grew.

U continue to remain loyal,
Though my loyalty is at stake,
With tons and tons of apprehensions
I fear the sight of fading passion.

Is it the time constraint, I wonder
Or is it the constraint of creativity
Is it the problem of communication
Or is it all about others’ perception?

Again I look upto to u, Dear Friend
For answers, that will put my queries to end
I know, I can still bank on ur loyalty,
Though mine is at stake, Already!


mspositive said...

good one

Chinmaya said...

Good one.

Rishikesh Sinha said...

a very good one.

here is similar post on love

kevin said...

nice poem...well put.

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

wow.. really nice poem..

drifter said...

very nice :) keep it up.