Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Check Mate!

Sometimes...even simple people in common places stand apart due to their individuality.
Here are, a few such Mates….whom I find individualistic and original in their own way.

So to begin with, I have this wonderful friend of mine who comes to the college everyday with the hope that “All Lectures should get cancelled”. Not that she likes to bunk lectures but in case the scheduled lecture gets called off…she will be the first to rush back home.
At PG Level where Sunday Sessions are mandatory, for her, they are Self-Declared Holidays.
If u ask me, for my take on this person,
Well…. for reasons unknown, I find this quirky friend very interesting.

Religion can be classified into 2 parts: Morality and Spirituality.
Thought provoking, isn’t it?
This un-conventional, somewhat ahead of the times persona comes up with many such Point to Ponder Statements….
Another major point (for me) to mention is…..When one sect of society goes gaga over my articles…this self-proclaimed- hardcore critic advices me not to blog or write articles just for the sake of filling up empty spaces.
And this is where…I start reviewing my Creative Writing Skills.(with due respect to all your honesty,Dear friend).

If I ever get a chance to probe more into the life of this celebrity friend, I would land up writing a Biography on her.
I brand her as someone who can achieve anything and everything under the sky.
Smart, Stylish with loads of attitude…an extrovert who loves to take the stage often.
Whether opportunities come her way or she goes on to create them is still a mystery...
But what left me spell bound is one of the recent confessions where she says:
I love the stage...but love it even more when there is no audience...I love being on stage...with absolutely no one else to perform for...except myself...that perhaps when i love it the most!
A Double PG Holder, both the degrees, from elite institutions…capable of earning a handsome package…BUT takes the self-employment route. The self-owned venture barely manages to stay afloat, a few points above BEP level…yet there is, this immense persistence to stay in and help the venture grow.
What makes me sit up and take notice in this person is the urge to take the tougher route when the easier one is readily available on the platter.

Hey, my best mate, my love, my treasure… MY THOUGHTS.
I like unwinding them in my own pace….with my own style…
The anonymity maintained in this article, the obvious under-statements, and the subtle narrations….for all this, Courtesy: MATE 5!


smiledivs18 said...

hey viyoma.......................
todays blog was ossims yaar..............
and specially what u wrote abt me.....
atleast i got a chance to be in ur blog.........

Clueless said...

so the sun is shinnin again.

I am pretty amazed not just at ur observation skills.,
but with the idea of U writin abt people who seem to leave an impact on U..

this waY U have subconsciouly made it a point to remember wat they have said.,
n also told them the worth of the
same to U..

liked the idea a lot.,
to me end of the day what U gain out of it matters the most.,

somethin I realised again today.,

"nothing can replace patience"..

I see a lot of that in U.,
U seem keen on understndin the other person a lot.,
that makes talkin to U so much more funn n easy..

Ankit Gupta said...

no strange words...just admire them bcoz frds are always for that


Sharanya said...

what makes an artist create..?
An inspiration? Maybe...
what makes the flower blossom?
Nature ? Maybe
What makes your thoughts flow?
Your best mate? You.

Love you!

mspositive said...

hi smartie. i have always enjoyed reading your articles. but waited for some more time to comment. good going yaar. waiting for more additions

suar said...

MATE 3.. a rare quality..

good blog..
keep writin..

Clueless said...

abt ur mate 3.,

I heard somethin in chak-de yestrday.,

"talented people are mostly lucky or something.."