Saturday, July 28, 2007

One gloomy Saturday

One dark gloomy Saturday.
Gloomy..that explains the weather outside.
Raining Heavily…Its afternoon time..sun-rays seen no-where.

Here,I m all by myself…in a relaxed mood. Weather is chill…the ceiling fan of my room rotating in full swing. I love to make the atmosphere around me more chilling…even though it’s already cold outside.

Cozily I lay on my bed…some random thoughts, freaky ideas, abstract conversations all pouring in. This inspires me to write. But write what? Haven’t thought about it… definitely something using the best of my vocabulary…something tender, something pensive, something articulate…And no! it shouldn’t be funny…neither thought provoking….just an experience..Just a feeling.

Rains continue to pour outside. I m in my room, with lights dim. Wise people generally advice not to strain our eyes in dim lights. But I m here with my writing pad, penning some stray thoughts, just hoping, not to be disturbed while cherishing these beautiful moments.

The experience is Enchanting…
Chillness Endearing…
A wonderful-wonderful feeling…that makes me say…
“Luxury Defined”


Google Blogger said...

i love listening to thoughts..

Clueless said...

wen U feel things inside
its like at th dam
at times
wen th water level is at th peak
its dyin to flow out

then only way is to open th gates
but untill U knw that
U cant do anythin
tho U can feel everythin
describin is tough
verbalisin is tough
so people choose to draw
wen U describe
U choose a common media
singing paintin
its ur own
its personal
so they r bettr n easier
to express feelings

Sandeep said...

Cool..Neat stuff this.
I really liked the bit after "But write what?"
The prev bit and the wise people bit were a little jarring in the context ..rotating in full swing is outta sync with the rest ofthe prose

But overall really good use of imagery :)