Thursday, July 26, 2007

19 years Later....

A Matured Adult….
Married to a friend’s Sibling,
Waving goodbyes….to the kids leaving for school...

Me too!
Well…that’s the glimpse of the final chapter of the 607 pages book titled
“Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows”

With a high rated anticipation and killing curiosity I went to the nearest bookstore to get the 1st hand insight of the final edition of the Harry Potter series.

Disappointed I find the “All Copies Sold out” Board.
May be that’s the penalty for not being a Harry fan..I was late by a day.

Aimlessly I wandered around the store hunting for some interesting titles….only to be given a surprise!
One copy of Harry Potter book lying somewhere in the Management Section. Was this a customized move or an accident, is debatable...But no time for all that.

I hurriedly opened the last section of the book... to find Harry married, having kids.
Nineteen years later,…to me, sounds like a generation leap of a K-serial.
Disappointed to see Rowling going the Ekta (Kapoor) way.

I m not a Harry Potter fan…haven’t read any of the HP series, except for the 1st one.
I just wanted to know if the much predicted Harry's death, takes place... (Infact didn’t want Harry to die)

So why did the end upset me?
Why don’t I sympathize with Rowling’s way of termination?

No Answers for all these!!!!!!
Muggles can be crazy….Harry would agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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42 said...

HEY!!!!!!!!! harry potter rocks...i read the first book again after reading the seventh one....and it seems really boring