Thursday, July 5, 2007

Meet them..They are Special:-)

Hey stop!!!…I call out….
Who asked u to leave?Innocently they look at me... as if, begging for permission…My heart melts and I let them go.
Oh No! Definitely not alone…I got to accompany them. These lil creatures soon get lost..n then it takes a lot of time to bring them back.
Left to themselves..they wander like vagabond clouds. with absolutely no sense of direction…

They go on to gender the inanimate objects..


I ask….one curious look at me…and they say…Male!! For sure!
Why? I question. And they remind me of their identity.
Yes….i say to myself, they are entitled to what they are doing.

Encourage them a little more…and they come up with interesting stories…Right Hand and Left Hand are 2 different families with 5 members each….they say…
These stories continue as long as my curiosity in them exists. I enjoy being in their company. and love all the crazy things they do.Infact I flow with their innocence…and cherish those wonderful moments.

But then I keep reminding them that I have got some priorities to do…and tactfully convince these lil creatures to be back in their room…They obey my orders obediently only to find them out the very next moment…
What now? I ask….
They point at the bird sitting at the window…the bird flies and so do, these innocent ones. And now, I have no choice but to follow them….
They make me experience the joy of flying... show me the aerial view of the earth…and once again I m lost with them…

Well…for all those who r still wondering who these notorious creatures are… they are my Imaginations…reside in my mind,

Over the years, they have graduated…elevated themselves by status…Gendering inanimate objects and Right hand-Left hand family stories have become history…They have matured intellectually…infact,now I invite them for some fruitful discussions and they come up with brilliant ideas…
I have got used to their interruptions….they are, in a way, my loyal companions….
And the latest news being, we have registered ourselves with M.A.S. (mutual Admiration Society)!


Ankit said...

wow.. amusing indeed!

whteve said...

hey dats a nice topic u ve revolved on d innocence of lil ones sounds gud n well its true dey ve der own stories

Clueless said...


abstract yet descriptive.,
on a critic's note.,

it is always better if the post is left incomplete.,
that makes the readers think.,
n this way the impression lasts longer.
in that sense it wud have been better if U had not revealed who the little creatures were..

as far as the post in concerned.,
makes immense in all ways.,

Ur very transparent with the voice in ur head ( read imaginations here )
n the fact that U put them down so well on paper is appreciable., impressive actually..

on a personal note I wud loved this post to be a little more longer .
,where in U elucidate the conversations with the little creatures..

there is a song by bob dylan.,
"all along the watchtower"

it takes of a similar experience in a very different context though..
this one is on the realistic practical side.,
wen people feel wasted in life.,
n he is trying to tel that itz hallucinations in th mind.,
n two creatures ( joker and th thief ) in the song..