Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Demand and Supply Side of ME

The journalist in me does a fine job of generating periodical reports indicating the gap between the Demand and Supply Side in me.
The Demand Side represents my Dreams,Ambitions,Passion and a huge list of things to do....
The Supply Side is a production House of my efforts,plans and policies and my working towards my target. I call this supply side as VyoCom Ltd. VyoCom Ltd is a public Company and the subscribers to the issue are my kith and kin,near and dear ones...who help me achieve my targets.The supply side is well supported by infrastructural,financial and social resources....though the optimum utilization of these, lie in the hands of the enterpreneur of VyoCom alone(thats me).

Here i present a snap-shot of the interview taken by the journalist in me with the enterpreneur of VyoCom..(me again)

Q1:Journalist : VyoCom's performance in the Car Driving Sector seems to have died down shortly after commencement?
Ans: It hasn't really died down.We are well equipped with the driving skills and test runs have also been successful.We have even obtained the requisite license.There are a few issues which need to be tackled.To enter this sector we need to take the Joint-Venture route.We are in look out for a technical Co-venturer and then we will soon have our take on the roads.

Q2:Journalist : Friendship Sector is booming and so is your Company?
Ans : Yeah..thats right,Social Contact Sector is booming...and we are doing well on the personal and professional front.Its great to be back in touch with good old buddies..Thanks to the social community websites..they act as a great aid to this robost side of economy.

Q3:Journalist : You seem to be a pioneer in the Virtual Space?
Ans : Oh no!Not a pioneer..but surely ahead of a few counterparts.A blog helped us in creating a niche in the virtual Space.There are more expansion plans in this sector...and they will be shortly announced.

Q4:Journalist : When will VyoCom enter the Corporate World?
Ans : 1 more year to go...we are in the process...VyoCom is at present taking Internship training for the same.We will soon make our presence felt in the Corporate World.

Q5: Journalist : There are allegations that VyoCom is not performing well in the Culinary Sector?
Ans : Not performing well? Not performing at must say..Ha Ha Ha...Well...we do not believe in taking up new ventures without having enterpreneurial interest in them.We intend to enter the Culinary side ..but not right at the moment... surely very soon..

Q6: Journalist : Final Question : VyoCom, 5 years down the line?
Ans : Hmmm....a long pause....a deafening silence...the silence continues...........................(the jounalist gets fed up and walks away).


RG said...

This is a hilarious update. Keep up the posts.

Sharanya said...

hahaha...not bad girl!!!!hahahha keep writing!

Clueless said...

innovative n fictional.,

i liked the idea a lot.,

the unexpectd aspect is wat left a mark.,
never thought of a post like this..

keep up the nice work..

Mihir said...

ossum werk gurl!
keep it up!!!

Kalyan said...

It seems Vyocom is really enjoying its first meeting with the corporate world. Well, all the very best for the start-up next year.