Saturday, June 15, 2013

Commuting Wows ( Not Woes)

When my "Work from Home" Option got waived, a tinge of disappointment was felt in and around me. It meant, daily commuting of 30 mins, up and down, in peak traffic. 30 Mins is negligible by Metro Standards. Yet it means, relinquishing my comfort of Working from Residence.

What I did not realize is, an underlying opportunity of introducing myself to City Roads was waiting for me. The theory called Chennai Topography was turning out to be a Practical Lab, with me, as one of the Lab Assistant.

Now I wake up to a new reason each day. There is a sheer excitement in hiring an auto every morning, negotiating and reaching destination. Evening rolls out another chance, another driver and a new bargain.
An iota of pride blooms up, when I tell them that "I am a regular commuter, and well aware of the prevailing Rate".

Its been only 2 weeks of daily commuting. 
As Route becomes a Routine, Excitement may turn into Exception. 
Before that happens, I had to make this post :)


Arumugam Easwar said...

Come, Monsoon you'll tell another horrible story about the metro.

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

This is an interesting perspective. I am a Mumbaikar now based in Gurgaon and absolutely dread traveling this is new city.

Liked your enthusiasm and hope it never wanes!