Saturday, May 4, 2013

Unfurling US Days (Part 2)

Unfurling & Untying some Memories Fresh
Unfolding the Sweet Nothings, I recall best.

In Constant Company of a 5 Year Old  -Many Mythological stories I told
Receiving them with a high interest -She appreciated my efforts best
But my stock of re-callable tales  -As expected,came to an end, one day
I, then narrated some mishciefs done, -By me & my Sis, in our Childhood Days
This was received with even higher interest  - Real wins over Reel, is what I guess.

Beautifully crafted weekends came my way  - Thanks to Silent Efforts some people made
Be it, the "Golden Gate" or "17 Mile Drive" -  Breezy winds, kept their share alive.
Downtown LA - sang a different tune - Showing us some colours, entirely new.
Nautically speaking, Vegas was colourful -  Emitting sounds of Slot Machines full
Enter Grand Canyon - An untold epic stood - Retelling - Man & Natures' brotherhood.

California brings me, some relatives close  - Heard Of, but unmet- for all these years
Meeting them, was on the cards - Even before,our Emirates had taken off.
Few formal mails, some informal calls -Random chats, More Chats led to Longer chats. 
Then, Dinners happened, Shopping was done - Home away from Home, a complete Family Fun.

These lovely days, will stay inked in here,
Adding one more account to my Travelosphere.


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Have fun!!

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Loved reading this random post on US:)

Ashwini C N said...

A nice read. Have fun :-)