Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unfurling the US Experience

A close friend tells me, that many Indians tend to look only at the negative aspects of US. To a certain extent she is right. I realized, 1 week into US, and I was already cribbing about Food & Microwave Cooking. A few weeks on, getting use to the available vegetarian options was easier than finding alternatives. Getting bored with Breads was easy, but making a variety of sandwiches was even easier.

US gave me my 1st Combine Cooking experience. 2 Families- 1 Cooking - is as interesting as you make it to be. We landed up discovering some different methods. In the absence of Roll pins we used Empty Beer bottles to flatten Rotis. Our Conscience, told us to try a better option. But no other object gave a firm grip for smooth rolling.  The thought of buying a roll pin never occurred, as we had already made friends with this discovery. 

My idea of City Touring includes familiarizing with Brands & Chains, the natives use. It is a sense of new learning to know that “Coach Factory”- sells exclusive Leather; Shopping at “Costco” will mean buying in Bulk; “Shell”, “Arco”, “Chevron” are Gas Stations on the US Menu.

Every West Coast visitor will tell you, about LA, Vegas and Chilled City of SFO. But they may not find it necessary to say, that you will need to talk in “Miles”, “LBS” and “Fahrenheit” - while discussing Distance, Weight and Temperature.

Habits, Dress Code, Formality Levels, Mindsets, vary from City to City, Country to Country. To me, the comparison goes like this - What is casual for Mumbai, may be modern for Chennai. What is casual for US, may be modern for India


RG said...

Long awaited! Unfurler has whetted the appetite of your loyal readers. Waiting for the main course, however cooked with whatever implements :-)

Shilpa Garg said...

Making the best use of the given circumstances is the bestest policy. Liked your innovation of using a beer can for rolling a roti... a positive and a can-do attitude will take you places!
Enjoy your US Experience :)

Rupertt Wind said...

Nice observation,

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