Sunday, March 3, 2013

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

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Ms, MONA B SARAWOGI,a journalist, political enthusiast, Editor and leading host at MONES WIT. I am not surprised if you haven’t heard this name, even Google takes time to lead you to her page.

Journalism and Indian Politics - both are my areas of interest - and I keep a track of budding columnists.
Recently she wrote a column - that speaks of India's 2 largest National Parties forming a Coalition in 2014. Very proudly the Headline read “Indian Politics will throw a Surprise in 2014"

Unbelievable- I searched and researched for every other article that spoke to such a thing- but found none. I had a weird sense that may be my understanding of the article was wrong. Headlines can be misleading at times. I re- read - but the last line clearly stated “As a voter - either your votes don’t count - or they count irrespective of who you choose"

This line was disturbing- the bulletin had the editor's contact details. For the 1st time- and much against my immediate family's wish - I sent out a mail to the Editor. I wanted to know the authenticity of this article, and their basis of analysis. Promptly I received a reply which said- Ms Mona was a Freelancer and she was responsible for the content of this post. Editor was kind enough to guide me to her.
This was easier than I thought but I had not prepared myself to cross question the analysis of journalist. I was given the choice of communication - telephone/ email - I chose the latter. I tried to be as polite as possible but at the same time -clear in expressing my curiosity over the matter.

My concern was simple- No article other than yours speaks of UPA - NDA coming together and forming a Govt. What supports your claim?
4 days on- I got a 2 line reply - saying: “In Politics- there are no permanent Friends or Enemies. The need of hour is - 2 largest parties form a Unified Government”

“Truth is stranger than Fiction” – she did not say these words – but it sounded like that. At the same time, I was disappointed - I was waiting for a logical explanation and not reassurance of a baseless claim. I replied back, this time in a little annoying tone, asking for arguments in support.

Pat came a sarcastic Reply – “As a citizen you should be happy that, for the 1st time - some Progressive talks are on between 2 National Parties. You seem to be more concerned if your vote wins or not”

I was jolted by the response- India's progress is on my mind too - but that does not answer my curiosity - why none of the other Bulletins speaking of it? If Mona is right-who becomes the PM of India – I voiced my thought in irritation.
Who is Mona? Asked a familiar voice-. I turned around. The face behind the voice spoke “Its 06:00 am – will Mona give me my Morning Coffee? I meekly replied – Good Morning.


MONA B SARAWOGI and MONES WIT – are anagrams of a popular anchor and a well known Channel.

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AJNABI said...

Nyc post... Super imegination power..all d best.. Keep writing.. And visit my post

Karan Shah said...

interesting politics you never know the fiction may well be more stranger :P
do drop in at:
- Don't Whine

Panchali said...

"In Politics- there are no permanent Friends or Enemies. The need of hour is - 2 largest parties form a Unified Government” --You couldn't have said it better! Neat satire...
ATB for Bat

Mixi said...

Hi Vyo! This is my first time visiting your blog, and I'm quite glad I did!

The great thing about writing contests is that they provide the opportunity to see so many different and unique takes on the same theme.

Your post surprised me with its idea and impressed me with the clarity of your writing.

Besties for BAT!

Mixi (My BAT entry)

asteria's canvass said...

thats really a creative and imaginative one.

viva_andya said...

Nice take on the topic.

Good one. I hold same interests as you do in Indian politics. I used to follow journalists until one fine day I was introduced to this site.
Rest, they say is a history :)

vajra said...

I liked the way you expressed this statement..
"As a voter - either your votes don’t count - or they count irrespective of who you choose"

If we ask our inner-minds truly its a fact that reflecting in our country. The lazy people who are busy in their worthless tasks and doesn't have any concern for their country are not using the feature called Right to vote. B'caz of this we are experiencing the bogus kind of votes which is favoring a worthless politician.

All in all you have written wonderfully in terms of showing the imagination(Fiction) to reality(Truth). Gud luck for BAT37

Akila G said...

nice take. you have a good satirical sense! loved the way you used the theme into the story!

Rio De La Sciocco said...

very discreet and thoughtful take. All the best for BAT

Snuffles Jay said...

Wow a political approach.
I was waiting to read something like this :)
Most of the statements you mentioned above are so true!!Votes nt being count,Need of the hour and more!
Glad to read this post. It was totally worth the time :)


-Snuffles Jay
Do Drop by here someday

Anonymous said...

We really have the opportunity to let our imaginations fly on the broad spectrum during BAT ...I have seen a very different color you have used to paint the topic ...Satirical neat post about politics..loved your take..keep writing..
All the best for BAT

P.S Really sorry for dropping in late here..

Maliny, said...

Venturing on a political theme is indeed a brave attempt and you have pulled it of really well . Loved the concept ! All the best for BAT:)

aativas said...

Interesting take on the topic.
And who knows, the fiction might turn out to be the Truth :-)

cifar shayar said...

both parties are all ready together,they speak differently in public but do similar things in reality. Nice post

RG said...

Hey, superb anagrams. You should take up serious Scrabble-playing! That is what I found most interesting. Politics and journalists do not hold too much of my interest, especially of the MONA B SARAWGI variety.

Sriya Ganesh said...

Superb post :)
i luv ur phrase: "reassurance of a baseless claim"
keep bloggin'!!

Dilip Patel said...

Interesting take on the theme. Well written. ATB

Neeta said...

I really wish if the political parties came together. *dreaming*

Keep writing, loved your work :)