Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the Makers of " You are Here"

Blog Entry Sept 2011 - You Are Here
I make entries like these, so that I can read them later. To me, they are like Newspaper archives or Old Doordarshan Classics, meant to be relished when most people have forgotten about it.

So here is another archive in the making.  
I call it - :You are Here Again - From the Makers of "You are Here"

Central Politics - Sandwiched between partial and no support, this Bill, at this stage can be called Food Bill. Confidence, trust, clause agreements, cost sharing, and lot a more has to enter, before the word Security fits in.

State Politics- Few years down the line, Indian Libraries will have books called, "Telangana - the history of Undivided Andhra". Telangana is on the path of Statehood, and India, probably on the path of Fragmented Brotherhood.

Bollywood Bruno-2.5 years of Lock in period for Actor- producer Sanjay Dutt. This investment proved costly for banners banking on this actor. As Manyatta takes charge of Dutt Productions, Shahraan, Iqra and Trishala wait for their Dad's return. 

Tele Tales -Generation Leap is still in vogue and Ekta Kapoor continues to rule the prime Television Slot. TV buffs do not have the right to question why Tushaar Kapoor is praising Priya Ram Kapoor, 2 days prior to the release of Shoot Out at Wadala.

Satyagraha Redefined -Candle Light protests, Social media outrage, are refreshed forms of Satyagraha. News bulletins present a debatable mix of twitter views and media interviews.Viewers like me, will still watch it with great interest.

All said and done, credit goes to this spicy - juicy surrounding, for keeping interests alive. If you and I talk about Rising Ruppee or Narendra Modi, it is only because they are making news. 3 years down the line,  everything talked above, would have become history.

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Nagendra Bharathi said...

Rightly said. Yes, we are part of this environment.