Thursday, September 20, 2007

*Straight from the Heart*

Every Article posted here… originally gets scribbled elsewhere….Mostly in the last few pages of some scrap book….
Phase 2: It gets edited and modified and by the time the final version comes out for the readers, the blogger has already read it at least a 4-5 times.

This one comes straight from the heart to the Blog….no editions no modifications…no prior reading….Direct Shoot!

*STATUTORY WARNING*: Intentions of the Blogger are subject to change.
The intention expressed in this article should NOT be generally applied to the forth coming articles


Clueless said...

to me.,
this is the sole reason behind writing.,
wen U write a lotta things that Ur capable of understandin come out.,

more importantly U can understand yourself better.,
ur thought process is there infront of U.
with the user of a few alphabets.,

if U write to impress others or simply for others .,
then U wud be writing not wat U feel., but U wud one of the followin.,

1. write somethin to please some people.,cuz U know what they would wanna read.,

2. U mite write somethin with the fair idea of annoying a few., its easy to understand what can hurt a person., or a bunch of them.,

3. it is an easy way to appear knowledgeable,, cuz people mite forget wat U say., at times its not easy to repeat the exact thing again., but U can hold written text as a very prominent proof.,

4. wud be simply to be known.,
its said the easiest way to be known in history is to write somethin.,

n likewise..

this comment mite not be very synchronous with ur post.,
but this is wat came into my head.,

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

hmm... nice blog...

Whim said...

this post was the "recipe for your blog??"