July '14 Challenge Award

That's what their email said.
   31 Days - 31 Posts
I know of blogging stalwarts who take up 100 Happy Blogging Days & 365 Days Challenge. 
I attempted everyday writing with -ULTIMATE BLOGGING CHALLENGE - July 2014.  With a super-encouraging better half, suggesting themes every week, I went about doing it this way....

  • Week 1 - Nature
  • Week 2 - Technology
  • Week 3- Short Fiction ( explored 5 forms of it - 55 Fiction, 77 Fiction, Drabble 100, Fable & Parable)
  • Week 4 - Colours
Week 5 - Had to juggle writing with a busy work schedule. Learnt to think quicker and write faster.
On Sundays, I combined it with Blog Adda's Write over weekend Initiative.
31 July 2014 - the day I presented my 31st write up BLOG ADDA thrilled me by selecting THIS ARTICLE as the WOW post for the Week.


Francene Stanley said...

It's good the way we all learn to think better when writing every day. That's one of the many benefits of blogging. I like the way you organized your weeks.

Hannah Wood said...

Fantastic way to learn .x