The 200th Post  
The J's of City Connect was my 200th Post.  There was a dilemma that day. Should I dedicate this as 200th post or continue with my city connect theme.  I decided to go with the flow & reserve the 200th post "shout out" for some other day.   And so today, to make a note- It was 10th April 2020 (Friday)  when the 200th Post made its way.

Blog Tourism
Indeed  I travelled the lanes & by-lanes of Dehradun though Arti's Moments.  To me, Dehradun now resonates more with Papajis garden than what the tourism maps have to  offer.
When I visited the animal kingdom of The Mulitcoloured Diary,  a lot of folklores started coming my way.   A few of them I narrated to my toddler and few of them reserved for future narrations.
I have never been to BITS Hyderabad. But this April, Sriya's Riff-lections - gave me a campus tour together with flavors of Hyderabad city.

Encouragers - 
Dear Readers- you need a special mention. My theme was city connect which warranted the use of local dialect. There were times; when I did not offer a translation( because translations interrupt  the flow of the post in some cases).But as readers, you tided over the language fence and fed my comments section by understanding the crux of my theme. 

My posts are available under the label April AtoZ Challenge. Check the A la Carte on the sidebar.

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Sriya Akhilesh said...

Congratulations on 200+ posts! :D
Loved the way you wrote the Encouragers section.
And thank you so much for mentioning Riff-lections :)