Tuesday, April 12, 2022

You & Me (TV time)

"Gas Stations" are familiar but not "Petrol pumps"

"Dump Trucks" ring bell but not "Garbage vans"

Wolfoo & Lucy are now our extended family......

90% of screen time we offer them daily

Me -when I was 4.5???

On a tri-cycle, indoors I moved .....Looking up to the TV Screen ..when ad jingles were heard.


SG said...

It is changing daily. Soon they will say truck instead of lorry. Elevator instead of lift.

Afshan Shaik said...

Haha how diff life is for us when we were kids an for kids now. Simply and clearly u explained!

Jayashree Srivatsan said...

Oh yes and i think of Washing Powder Nirma !!!

Archana said...

The world is changing! Toddlers can handle /operate smartphones that I am 'scared' to handle! Technology comes naturally to the kids. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Viyoma. God Bless!!