Thursday, April 16, 2020

The O's of City Connect

A to Z Challenge - My Theme-  City Connect - my connect with....
Aurangabad-Schooling & Junior College / Bombay- Graduation & First job/ Chennai - Marriage & Motherhood

ORANGISSA LEAMON -  "Orangissa Leamon - So for the peany" . Yes that's how I have been singing this rhyme all along. The actual words go as " Oranges and Lemons- Sold for a Penny".  And that's not all. There are more rhymes that get wrongly sung. English per se, is a foreign language to India.  Many a times- words in English rhymes don't sync with Indian surroundings. It's not easy to connect with word " Penny" since we hardly use it in day today context here.

OFFER LETTER-  For all the Office related posts that have come to this blog - there was an Offer Letter to start with. A letter that came with an Outline of World Map. A Map to be connected by Oceans.  Then by Seas- going deep into Rivers - routing through Water channels & finally reaching the Ports. Obviously! What more did you expect in O from a person who speaks of Outbound-Inbound cargoes all the time!

OLD LALA TOPIWALA -  My cravings for "Samosa" satiate here. The exterior of the Shop looks like any other " Lala ki dukaan" that you hear in movies.  White board/ Name in Bold Red Font with a picture of soft drink to go by.  But the mouth watering- delectable & authentic Samosas they serve, leave me craving for more.


SG said...

Where is this Topiwala eatery located? Want to visit there on my next visit to Chennai.

Sriya Akhilesh said...

Haha I used to sing it as "Orange juice and lemon"