Friday, November 18, 2016

"A visit to a Bank"

I  missed writing an essay in school on this topic. 
Last week, as I was waiting in the queue at a bank, I tried to recall, why my English teacher, never came up
with this subject for an essay.

With more than 20 people ahead of me, I had ample time to wonder, how my initial lines of 
this essay would have been, if my school had given me this topic to write.

So 19 years back, my starting lines would have been.....

Yesterday, I visited a bank in my area. There was a security guard at the gate, holding
a gun in his hand. As I entered the bank, I could see, different counters for Depositing and 
withdrawing cash.
Some people in the queue were holding a Paying in slip to deposit money.
Some others had a token in hand, with a number printed on it. They were waiting for their token number to be called out, to approach the counter.
Senior citizens at the bank, were given seats as they could not stand in queue for long. Bank staff was friendly and attending to each customer at a time.
When I approached the counter.....

I didn't get time to take my school essay further.........
My  turn came up & the security guard [ he didn’t have a gun in hand,this time] let me in. 
I entered the bank premises.
19 years on, the scene inside the bank was no different from my essay.....


SG said...

Beautiful. Even with modernization, they never change.

magiceye said...

8/10 :)

Harish P I said...

Lol.. some things never change.

Bill said...

Banks here in Ireland are putting more machines inside and removing people that work there. So you don't really have access to many people like you did previously. It saves money for the bank because there is no staff to pay. Older people do not like this and protested because they enjoy the communication with the people and they are less knowledgeable about the technologies offered by the machines.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Shilpa said...

See so cute ! When I have a kid I will definitely tell to write an essay on bank :)