Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dripping Roof...

Phase 1- Aurangabad
Tarpaulin sheets would cover the sides of the auto. Not that, they keep us completely dry. Winds accompanying the heavy downpour continue to splash drizzles on our face. "Haath baaher kaadu naka re" - the auto-driver says in Marathi, as we attempt to take our palm out of the tarpaulin sheets to feel the rain.  This is how, 5-6 school goers, packed in the back seat of the auto, would ride their way to school.
I was, one of them....

Phase 2- Mumbai
Mumbai rains made Aurangabad downpour look like drizzles. From purchase of rainy shoes to aligning an indoor cloth-stand, bracing up for monsoon became an annual affair. Train delays become acceptable. A typical rainy day, would mean, take a 9.35 AM "Ladies Local", tune into FM Radio and hear RJ Malishka say " Iss Khoobsoorat Baarish mein, ek garam chai ke saath, ye gaana toh banta hai..."

Phase 3- Chennai
From South West to North East Monsoon was quite a shift. "Bay of Bengal depression", "Cyclonic winds" suddenly became a part of my monsoon vocabulary..
There is a rationale behind every rain, is something Chennai taught me. But the rationale doesn’t linger long enough.
Today, when my kitchen window rattles and power supply quietly mutes itself, enhancing the sound of the moist winds…. reason behind the rain vanishes.What stays on…is the symphony of the raindrops.

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magiceye said...

Rains define every region indeed!

The picture on my post is from Bandra east :)

SG said...

I understand your situation. We lived in Chennai for 6 months last year on an assignment. I think you should write a song titled "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Roof". Remember the song "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head" by BJ Thomas!

Shilpa said...

Happy finding this page .

Shilpa Garg said...

True. The rains have a distinct flavour in different regions. You must witness the rains in the desert areas, especially the first rains. The petrichor, the freshly bathed trees and the the general air of happiness is respite from heat is pretty palpable!