Monday, July 7, 2014

My memory of Early 90's..

The balcony of our Residence
This was early 90's. Mobile phones had not reached India. At-least they had not become a household necessity. Landlines were gradually scaling up the ladder of importance, trying to find a place in every home.

We were not used to Dad coming home late. If it was beyond the usual time, Mom, myself & my sis would restlessly wait at our balcony, for Dad's return.
Questions like -  Has he left from his workplace? Is he held up with some work midway? will find answers only when he comes home.

Since mobiles had not made inroads- Mom used "distractions" to keep our anxiety at bay. She made us bet on numbers and associate it to Dad's arrival.
  • Mom -"By my count of 10 - Dad would be here"
  • Me - "He will be here by the count of 30"
  • Sis - "My bet 40"
And then we start counting at a normal unhurried pace. The idea was not, about winning the bet. Infact, each one of us wanted, Dad to be back, even before "the least count" on the bet is reached.
This exercise would keep us busy without getting restless. Mom was smart. She would start this exercise, only when the time was bit beyond usual. We all knew, he will be home any moment, but didn't know exactly when.

As far as I recall - we would spot Dad, somewhere in the middle of the count. Excitement, relief, a silent thanks to God - and rush to open the door.None of us really bothered who won the bet.

This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 7
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Unknown said...

The early 90's .... lots of memories, some good, some definitely not, my father had a massive heart attack and my brother was in the Gulf (bomb disposal)... father survived and the army had my brother back to Scotland in under 24hrs (3 planes and an 80 mile taxi ride). We did have mobile phones in Scotland, but they were big then!
Funny how, when you talk of your father in those years its exactly where my mind went.

Romi said...

It's a beautiful story.
I can imagine your family waiting for your father to come home eagerly.

Rahmath said...

True.... so true.... :)

Reema D'souza said...

I miss those days! It felt like a different world! And that game which you played was nice :)

Sophie Bowns said...

I was only born in the early 90's!

Unknown said...

Very true..
Nice one :)

Unknown said...

Very true..