Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Red it was...

2 weeks back - Page 22
Borrowed a sickle. Sharpened its edges. Informed Feni about it. Feni ready to take charge.

1 week back-  Page 31
Action plan revised. Decide to meet at 23:00 Hrs. Take inner road to avoid attention.

3 Days back - Page 34
D Day. Major Glitch- Inner road blocked. Forced to take the main road. Reach late, unplanned delay.

2 Days Back - Page 35
Thoughout the period, Feni held the sickle. His hands show minor bruises. We bandage him.
Mission accomplished. We return, leaving the trunk behind.

Last Page :
Now my hands are completely soaked Red.When words fail, actions take charge. Repeated requests to Road Department did not yield results. So we levelled the road ourselves. Have written a letter to the road department with Red Ink, informing them about our mission. Have also left our tool trunk behind as a token of appreciation for the department's procrastination.

The officials were dumbfounded to find this private diary inside the trunk along with the tools...

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Cindy Ackley said...

Interesting! I thought you were planning a murder! Glad it was not!

GiGi EatsCelebrities said...

I need to take charge too. I am currently in agony, I need to push it aside and grab hold of my life.

Rachel Curtis said...

More of us need to take charge, thank you for sharing x