Monday, July 21, 2014

Black & White

I could feel the heat beside me. The room was humid. The excess heat around me was freaking. They were tele-porting me to the next gas station. If this place was so hot, wonder how the next one would be. All I could see, was a huge container, emitting thin air with a faint smell. I had to find its source. I bent down, and saw FIRE.

A firm hand gripped me tight, and pushed me into the boiling water.
In that split second, I realized something  was already mixed in water. So it was this water and its ingredient that let out the smell.

Water was black - a shade that overpowers every other colour it comes in contact with. Fear had turned me pale white.Within seconds, I lost my identity.I am the milk - that went into your tea, a few hours back.....

                                    This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 21                          
                                                                 My Theme for this week - Colours      


Anonymous said...

It was terrifying.. an then came the twist :) Loved reading :)
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Sophie Mahir said...

Scary and funny all at the same time - great stuff! Loved it!