Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Colours restore "their" Faith

"You cannot expect connectivity to be great,  in the middle of the forest", said the Dad.
"Rains play a perfect spoilsport", added the son, in a grumbling tone.
 "Whatever little transmission was left has gone for a toss now"

To pacify his son, Dad tried to place his cell phone at different positions.Even random signs connectivity could bring back some smile on his son's face.Nothing seemed to work, expect for the rains getting heavier.

While the techie father - son duo were busy finding network,  Mom used all her networking skills & to get the dinner ready. Network or no network, hunger pangs are always on time.

The family gathered for dinner under the thickest woods of the forest. They were about to start their meals....& Lights flickered, message buzzer rang, restoration signals showed up...
Hurriedly the son opened the browser He wanted to see that.....Blue - Red- Yellow -Blue - Green- Red thing in the middle of the page. That was the only thing that made him understand, the network was working fine.

"Bravo Dad! Its back", exclaimed the son.  Literacy was not a part of their community. They used mobiles only for verbal communication. The previous version of mankind - "the monkeys" -just got a little tech savvy.

                                          This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 23                 
                                                                           My Theme for this week - Colours                                                     


The Gratitude Guru said...

Looks like I jumped in the middle! Time to start at the beginning :-)

One thing that stuck out was the familiar colors of Google's colors!


Paulette Romero said...

I like your poem. Perhaps in the future google really be one of those symbols everyone knows!