Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comments & their Categories

It took me half a decade of blogging to learn this trait. Colour coding of Comments section.
As each comment appears, I assign colours & categories to them....

Black - Say a Nice Word Category 
"Interesting / Good One/ Nice" all they say.
My Inference: For sure, these readers haven't read even a single word of your post. But they want to leave a trace behind. So, they leave a nice word for you.Why code them "black", you ask? Because I have a strong urge to black list these comments.

Brown: They are a shade less than black. They read random lines of your post. Infact the laziest ones read only the 1st or the last line.For Eg - on this post...the Brown category will say - Oh you have been blogging for a decade.. Congratulations!!!  (It's "half a decade", if you read carefully)

Grey:  Smart people. They gauge the content of the post by reading others' comments. Summarize, rephrase and give their views. A small confession, I have done this myself for articles that are extremely lengthy.

Blue: Out of the Blue Category. Totally unrelated, they only come for promoting their own blog. They leave a link of their blog on your comments section & say, "read mine, you will like it". (And all the while, I thought, its my choice to decide, whether I like it or not)

Green: My Green Signal to You.Genuine readers. They read and give an honest feedback. Criticisms also perfectly fine. But they make it to the end of your post without skipping or jumping lines. Thank you people, you are the ones we keep looking for!  

                                                   This post is a part of Ultimate Blogging Challenge - July 2014 - Day 24                
                                                                           My Theme for this week - Colours         


Alyson Long said...

LOL! I'm a green, I read every word.

AmyG said...

Wow. I'm just thankful for any comments on my blog that are made from real people. Your system is pretty interesting. Now I'm wondering how my comment is going to measure up. Hopefully this is all tongue-in-cheek, yes?

Anonymous said...

I do this too! HA! I'd never thought of adding colour to them before though.

Anonymous said...

I do this too! HA! I never thought about adding colour to them before. Interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

Im a really enjoying the different colors assigned and I thought u r giving us motivational points:)

Rahmath said...

lol, then I must be a black so many times but surely, I read every sentence of the blog posts I comment on. I believe when people talk give them 100% so most of the time i have nothing more to add than an agreed. I say single words atleast so that the person would know that I was here!!!!!

I do admire people who have something interesting to say in comments.

So please don't categorize me in Black even though I might just put in ..."So true" or "Wow" or "interesting" OK ???? I do read the whole posts :)