Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank You

"Childish as it may seem, very immature to read.
But if I don’t treasure them here, they will be lost forever."

2 Poems that I penned during my school days, published in kids section of a Local Newspaper.This newspaper supplement,treasured for years, is turning pale-yellow now. Before the readability withers, saving a note here.

(Class 8):

There is a great relationship, which is called friendship
Friends always play the main part, so they cant be kept apart
Sometimes some have only one or two, But share their joys and sorrows too
Sometimes some have five and tens, but are like the brittle lens.
Friendship should be a long-lasting one, Not like a small little bun
Friendship is considered very sweet,
As man is known by the company he keeps.


(Class 6):

Multicolored Rainbow , Is present during the sun and rain
At such time it is in the sky, To show us that it also lies.
Red, Blue, Green, you all must have seen,
Are its colours, like the blooming flowers.
In the shape of an arc, like a fallen bark
Across the sky it lies, thinking it is a Zebra Cross.

These childish, immature writings put up here, form my 100th Blog Post today.


Krishnapriya said...

Ha ha..! Those are cute and innocent.. lovely nostalgia.. and the pleasure of stumbling upon those souvenirs..!

Shilpa Garg said...

100th Post! Congratulations on the this wonderful milestone!
Beautiful expression for a 6th and 8th grader! Scan the news paper and preserve it forever!!
Cheers :)

Harish said...

Wow... Sweet little poems. Congrats for hitting century.

magiceye said...

Hearty Congratulations on the 100th!!

wonderfully crafted poetry!

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Congrats for reaching the milestone of 100 blogposts. Liked the poems. We at that age have very uncluttered mind, expressing our thoughts and feelings clearly. Liked the poems very much.

Ref your question on my blog please feel free to put it on your blogroll, I feel happy about it.

Do visit which I co-author. We write limericks. Bring out the 8th STD mischevous girl in you there and have fun.

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Congratulations, Viyoma! For your 100th post, and for these little nuggets of nostalgia. I have some stuff like this that I simultaneously feel embarrassed about and proud of. Looking forward to your 1000th post now!

maliny said...

hey congratulations on your 100th post . . such a cute entry to mark the event . . adore the budding poetess in u . . keep writing.. :)

LeoPaw said...

congratz on hiting century.

Zach George said...

Simple and Innocent...just like a kid... Congratulation on hitting a century.I am @ 100-91 :-)

Shreya said...

Now that's just cute. I love the freedom we had as kids to dream and write poetry as we see fit. Not that anyone's stopping us now :)

Readitt said...

it is not silly..

it is as cute as lilly..

nice to read ur thoughts in class 6&8.

joined your site too.. ( the e magazine)

Thousif Raza said...

congrats on the 100th post :) may u have a 1000 more :D... and the poems are sweet, very innocent :) made me smile :)

Take care and keep writing.......