Saturday, December 10, 2011

You are Here

Direction Maps always have this.
Given all the political and economic chaos around, trying to draw a "You Are Here" Pointer.

An FDI Opening is waiting to happen. Hurried body language by the Government angers Opposition, confuses allies.
Adjourned Parliament Sessions finally put the policy on hold.
More than anti- FDI, its an Anti- Govt sentiment that is showing results.

Fasts and mass gatherings bring Lokpal Discussion on Table. Subsequent, differences in the Draft of the Bill, hint at fresh set of peaceful protests.
Onlookers are divided in their opinion.
Set 1: Lokpal is a panacea to nail corruption, want it in place ASAP.
Set 2: Unsure if it will do any wonders, but still, want it in place, mainly to avoid "mass protests" (in future) and its dedicated media coverage.

Administrative convenience inspires fragmentation of big states. Not many are interested in abysmal stats of states for which it didnt work.
Telangana, Awadh , Harit Pradesh, and more in the pipeline.
India of Our Dreams will have a more colourful map for sure.

Marathons, Cycle Rides (Green Initiative) to show "We" Care.
Ok, everyone has taken note of it.
They fully respect the fact that we are equally concerned, if not more, than the delegates in Durban/ Copenhagen Summits.

However chaotic our political, economic or social circles may be, sports is sports. Sorry meant Cricket is Cricket, a religion with Gods and Demi Gods in it. We shall cheer and celebrate Sehwag's double century, but in the same tone, remind self and others that Sachin is supreme.

Then its time for regular doses of anguish over crore's spent on Arthur Jail resident for his contribution to 26/11.
Its public anger, so vent it.

But irrespective of the busy schedule, one eye always, on our dear neighbour country, their country heads, their army and their ties with their allies.
Meanwhile, closer home a celebrity will deliver a child. Don't lose track of the news, until it is fully known what they named the child, and whom he/she resembles.

Happy Living..
I almost have a feel, I am getting the Pointer right....


magiceye said...

bingo! :)

VST said...

Isn't life better if we live a life out of this conditional boxes that seems to restrain everyone?
Isn't it fair to find a way out of this maze of information and opinions that we succumb ourselves to?
Isn't it true that in this world, for once we would be given a chance to see the purpose of our lives than be guided dilligently with permitted force by all those institutions surrounding us?
Desperation in between the lines understood...

Ashwini said...

I get the feeling that people don't know how to prioritize things. Celebrity news and Political Drama is given undue importance when we should we working for a better Nation.

A Theist said...

Celebration is forced upon the nation...But, what do we celebrate-mediocrity???