Saturday, November 12, 2011

100 (Minus 1)

This is my Penultimate entry, in the Pre-100 Section. A” Line 100” will follow my Next Post, helping me demarcate My "Pre-100" from the "Post 100" Entries.

Not that I have tracked my blogging milestones. I don’t recall when 25-50- 75, happened. Sadly, I don’t even know who my 1st (blog)follower was.

I still wonder, if I am justified in giving so much importance to this 100. With a lot of slow blogging- and no blogging days, this 100 comes 4.5 years later.

But on second thoughts I realize, there are a lot of 100’s that keep coming, but go unnoticed. Here are a few” Sachin Moments” we tend to miss...

• 100 Days of Driving.
• 100th Day at Work
• 100th Book you Read
• 100th City you visit.
• 100th Dish you cooked
• 100th Stamp/ Coin/ Hobby-interest you collect.
• 100th Movie you watch
• 100th Stock you trade
• 100th Word of your Child’s Vocab.
• 100th Minute of a Conversation. (Try this next time, should be easy)

This list can go on…..
even as i think, what my 100th Post should be...


magiceye said...

:) good going!

Rachit said...

and may this hundred brings in more 100 for you.. :)

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Anand said...

True.. We never notice such moments. Worse, we never realize that we have failed to notice it.

A big clap for pointing it out.

Shilpa Garg said...

Cool thought!! And worth pondering too!!