Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tweeting Tree

Yesterday at this point of time, the sentiments were something like this.

@Vikram Chandra
Feeling like the morning of a school exam! Hoping for the best and yet fearing the worst! What's the view on the pitch??
@sardesairajdeep: will anyone watch the news today? or should we just request star cricket to switch their beam to us?!
RT @sidvee: It's all about Harbhajan and Munaf today. After all, it's the Sardar Patel Stadium

Twitterholics is the right word. Be it before, during or after, they just tweet, They tweet at every ball, every run made or lost, and also during the breaks. If online scorecard only gives you the runs/balls/ wickets history – Tweets add feelings to it. For Eg: When Australia won the toss and elected to Bat, an optimistic Patriot comes up saying:

RT @Harneetsin: Also don't worry about the toss. Remember we ALWAYS win when Dhoni loses the toss.

On Australia’s 1st Wicket Fall (Shane Watson)
#funnysledge - wat son did Pan ting can do better - get out earlier.

To all the twitterholics, wonder how long you charge your cell batteries for so much of continuous GPRS usage. Or for that matter, how long you keep your PC’s / Notebooks “ON”for such relentless tweeting.

In any case, thanks to all you enthu-tweeples, never felt I missed seeing the Indian Bowling.

# CHEERS # Good Luck # All the Best Team India for the SEMI-FINALS


Harish said...

sometimes twitter is comforting, sometimes irritating. i too made it the subject of my latest post

Vyankatesh said...

Good collection!!

More will flow in on 30th March :-)