Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Conversation with a Journalist

With an Orange Pulp Juice in hand, I was going through the Boarding Information listed on the Aerial LCD at the INDIRA GANDHI DOMESTIC TERMIAL-3. Very surprisingly I found New Delhi catering direct services to a lot of small cities. The blink and miss screen, kept rotating the flight list information. Didn’t realize, I had been staring at that screen for a more than 4 mins!!!! Well, that me…..

But the person sitting in opposite table did take note of it. When I was about to leave, he called me to express his amusement. It seems, initially he did not know what it was behind him that I was looking at. Until he realized it was the boarding information.

In order to avoid looking stupid, I casually told him about Delhi’s connectivity to smaller cities, with special mention to Aurangabad.

My dear Audi (Aurangabad), I always believe is a silent star. Nobody talks about it, but the moment you make a mention, everyone has something to connect or recall. His understanding on the industrial and tourism side of Aurangabad was interesting. He seemed to know the city well; including some of the minute details which even the residents might miss.

And then came the intros!!!!

All this while, I was busy clarifying to an anonymous person, my interest in Boarding info Board. This conversation accidently led to Aurangabad. It would have been normal to end it here, with pleasant acknowledging smiles. But he went on to ask where I was working. This means, my Blazers and Conference Bag (with Sponsor’s name yelling on it) gave away, that I was working. Fair enough!!
I respond to that. And that’s when I realize, for the last 15 mins I have been speaking to a Journalist. Not just a journalist, but he also turns out to be a faculty at various Journalism Schools across India. Not to get carried away, but it surprised me to note, his students include people from the Medical Faculty, Full time Doctors, majority Dentists, trying their hands on Journalism. One of the schools he mentors has a full time segment dedicated to 40+ (age-profile) wannabes, who have passion for Journalism. This includes homemakers, retired professionals and also those who prefer to stay occupied with something other than a full time job.

I punch myself for wasting time in the initial scrap conversation; since the latter part was turning to be a more interesting discussion. With my boarding time drawing near, the least I could think of was exchange cards.
And well that’s what I did!


Harish said...

That was great.

magiceye said...

airports are a great place to make new acquaintances!

Shazia said...

interesting ..

w3school said...

Nice one

Rachit said...

Yeah, quiet a while we meet person or come in a situation when we least expect them. This was my first time being here and truly it never bored me rather I enjoyed reading your various posts. :)

Mohit Agrawal said...

I feel the end was the best...considering our recent chat.. ;)...
Audi...loved the expression

Mohit Agrawal said...

I feel the end was the best...considering our recent chat.
Audi...loved the expression