Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 things i will miss, when i am back to India

1. Estimating IST, every time, I make a call
2. Stocking / Replenishing Breakfast Inventory
3. Tracking Exchange Rate on daily basis
4. Snoozing my alarm every 10 mins, before I finally wake up
5. Movies on Zee- Variasi, the SE Asian, Zee channel.

6. Bus No 32 and its infrequent frequency.
7. Audio of non-stop SING-LISH, around me.
8. CP Meiji’s Bottled Milk.
9. Door access and EZ-Link Cards (1 whole portion of my bag, is dedicated to them)
10. Chatting with Mummy, on Gtalk every Morning :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Agree to your point 9. These plastic cards are real nuisance, sometimes!

Have a great stay!

Lini said...

Cute List..Missing India, are u?

Just another guy said...

So that link on Twitter finally worked I see! :))

Viyoma said...

@ Just another Guy: Tks,yes it worked! It worked well!!!

mk said...

hmm...well..there are a lot to gain, if little to loose but still, when we get a habit of something..very difficult to forget...!!

nicely written!

RG said...

I liked the way this Top 10 list covered multiple aspects giving us a flavour of the place and your feelings.

Harish said...

charging EZ link cards was a pain..:)

Anonymous said...

Ya i agree to ur point 9..Really nice blog..Keep Writing..

gauravbrills said...

love the post .. really true what u miss when u are away from the land u call ur motherland ..