Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A for Anand, B for Baroda...

It will be a total injustice, if I start jotting my Singapore experiences, without any mentions to the wonderful Gujarat trip that I just had. “The Milk Capital of India, is known to host weddings on lavish grounds”, is an understatement. Couldn’t think of a more modest way of expressing it, especially after witnessing the events unfold day after day.

You might have heard of meticulous planning, think what it would take for meticulous styling. It isn’t easy to plan style. Here you have a choreographer, who has choreographed the family members, for the Sangeet Ceremony. Combined Rehearsal sessions (Bride and Groom’s Family both inclusive) are held prior to the actual event, to get the co-ordination right. So much for the D Day, and that too on cold chilly nights. My initial days….. Errr…sorry, nights at Anand were spent watching Dance Rehearsals at the terrace. I put myself to bed only past 2.00 AM. And all this, when Anand’s night temperature was reigning close to 15 degree Celsius.

Vidhi Party Plot, the venue of the wedding, as the name suggests is just a plot. A plot by any means has scarce or nil walls to its credit. To decorate a uni-dimensional structure is a task in itself. Further stylizing it is equally challenging. Flowers, Lamp-lighting, red-carpets, if I mention them, it would sound mundane. But their collective presence in a differentiated way each day, made the difference.

If you too believe Small is big then, these are some minute points worth taking note of:

Schooling introduced us to the concept of “Labels” (on book –covers, remember?). Planners at this wedding, put this to use in smart ways. Wedding Envelops, were pasted with small round labels, carrying “Kalash” images on them. No gums-no fevicols, basically no sticky business.

On other occasions, uniform glittered envelops were used, every time it was required. There is fine line between glitter and eye hurting jazziness. Tastefully they ensured the line of balance is maintained.

If chocolate distribution at the wedding, sounds childish, its time to re-think .When a bunch of assorted chocolates are clothed in inverse- balloon shaped colorful tiny bags, most invitees actually eye them.

Colour code might have become the order, but very few expect Napkins, and Mobile pouches to follow this discipline.

Aha….I can go on…especially on this small is big segment….but prefer to pause here.

Apart from the Anand, had a brief stay at “Vadodara” (વડોદરા) during “Uttarayan” ( ઉત્તારયાના).The festival brings out Regional diversity in the busy city. ”Ahemdavad”, ( અમદાવાદ) as the residents prefer to call it, seems to be another place of frequent dependence. Trip to “Ranaoli” was too short, but it did give a home away from home experience. I got to taste the much acclaimed Faafda here!

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Shilpa Garg said...

This trend of having a gala dance show with family members is catching up!! And it's fun to watch such events at a wedding!
And you bet wedding planning is a BIG business too!