Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planned Sunday

When you are working 6 days a week, your definition of weekend changes. Looks like, Sunday is accidentally dropped in between 2 working days. By the time you decide and plan what to do, the eve of Monday is already waving at you.

Having cribbed about this phenomena, for quite sometime, I decided to handle it slightly better, this time.
Guess, all it takes is to have a pre-planned Sunday.
This is how my first trial went by….

I had a book to finish. Wanted to catch up with the media coverage on India Gandhi (31st Oct marked her Martyrdom). Experiment with Twirl was on agenda. Sorting out of brochures collected in a conference 2 weeks back was a long pending task.

Started off with my most favourite…the book!
The first half of the day was taken up by Stephen Hawkins “Theory of Everything. From Aristotle’s Principles to Friedman's Models, in almost half a day, it was like to travel to the space and back.
Now to catch up with the Indira Legacy, I had to wait for the channels to oblige. Meanwhile, experimented with Twirl, did the usual mail checking, social networking and some quick digital journey on my favourite subjects.
Sorting of brochures was still pending. But no issues, half a day more to go..

The best part of a planned Sunday, is that, even some unplanned musings manage to find their way without hampering the planned schedule. For instance, book shelves and apparel wardrobes need regular touch ups. This Sunday they got their dues. More than 150 pics, waiting to get uploaded on the standalone, smoothly managed to do that.
While these small wonders were getting done, it was almost evening.

CNN IBN, NDTV, DD News all three had their exclusive coverage. Must say, this time, Barkha Dutt scored over Sagarika Ghose. Yes, I m saying this, despite my favoritism towards the latter. Neelam Sharma was at her best, or probably, the national language in her show makes a difference. Nevertheless 3 channels, 3 shows on Indira Gandhi’s journey, a good treat to end a Sunday.

A Sunday, that was a bit too planned, a bit too well executed. Well….miracles happen!


Dan* said...

agree with you ! but i would never waist my sundays on studying unless i have exams gong on.. :D

Anonymous said...

I like to spent my free time in studying stuffs which i Like.
nice blog keep blogging...

you can check mine too.......

nisha said...

Sounds so familiar, Vyo!! And a break between two working days is indeed a break - more if you can just relax, mentally! Doesn't happen in my case but to try is to pass out of the cycle of routine and if success comes, it is a bonus.

Suyash said...

Just a coupld of days I was wondering what wud have been d scenario in case if there was no Sunday...
I believe in making it a FUNday:)

Asif Ahmed said...

in my case, Sunday means an uninterrupted sleeping day as my Devils (friends)wake after 12pm.
I remember my AMU days when every morning started with TOI newspaper, these days, its just twitter, twitter and aaaaal twitter....