Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Inquisitive India"

After a whole lot of new distractions, I humbly return back. Not that the new distractions have been left behind, but just a quick entry to intimate you on my latest craziness.

The reference is being made to Yahoo Answers! This wasn’t an accident. A noble thought of getting myself some help on Data Mining brought me here. It’s been 6.5 months since I have been hunting for websites that publish the Baltic Dry Index for free.
My 6.5 months of efforts have resulted in just 2 such websites, leave alone the Baltic Exchange. Pricy people! They charge for this service!

Tired of self mining, I thought of trying my luck on Yahoo Answers. It’s been almost a week or so, and I m still awaiting Response. Today Yahoo gave me a surprise saying my Question has been removed.
All my dear critics ready to point out that my return here, is result of the disappointment of getting no response, need to re-visit the second line of this entry. It talks about some new craziness!

So coming back. This new craziness gave me an insight into, what I call as “Inquisitive India”. Starting with the financials to technology and legality to morality every single thing gets discussed here. Serious queries like US financial Crisis and Global Warming receive highly appreciating replies. It leaves one, elevated to know, the extent of awareness and concern the common man has on grim issues like these.
Having appreciated the High Thinkers I would also acknowledge the silly mischief mongers who come up with one of the World’s Craziest Questions. I call them, High Entertainers. These sections of people ask complex questions like,
What to wear for tonight’s party?
Should I apologize to my friend for my mistake?
These are really cute stress buster questions. If high thinkers help u gain 10 bonus points for impressive answers, stress busters like these effortlessly add 2 points to your kitty.

Finally I apologize, for that mis-leading title that brought u to the end of this post. I m just recovering from the hang-over of “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. (Check how many times the word "Ferrari" appears in the Book!)


mspositive said...

wow, so india is really inquisitive? if already not, maybe after reading ur post.

BK said...

u write well..:)
but one question... do u still use a pen to write... ;) its been ages since i used a pen to write my stuffs...gone r the days of diary writing.. now everything is in the laptop...



sreerajking@rediffmail.com said...

I think its a general chara of people all over the world. Besides, discussing things on the internet is fun.

madman said...

I m just recovering from the hang-over of “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. (Check how many times the word "Ferrari" appears in the Book!)

you dont need such self help, there is better stuff.

asit dhal said...

yahoo only removed your question...

but my whole account is suspended(I twice wrote about www.serials.ws)