Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paradise on Earth

27/Paradise Building,
Grandparents House,
Enjoyment Lane,
Summer Vacations.

Here the day dawns at the will of the sleeper. No alarm beeps, no wake up calls. Wicked minds work sharp when total freedom is granted. If my eyes oblige to open by 6.15 and I find my younger sis still asleep, I seize the opportunity to have a quick morning bath, so that, whole day long I get a chance to brag about this “me-first, me first event.”
On the days when I wake up only by 8.00 (which use to happen 95% of the times, or 98% to be precise), no regrets! After all it is vacation time!

Thus begins my day, on a usual summer holiday.
Join me, in this escapade of summer vacation special, as I try to recall some of my most memorable events.
Best Things first!

Story Sessions were always the best. They truly kindle the power of visualization. The credit, of course, goes entirely to the Master Story Teller: MY GRAND MA!
Even today, when I recollect those stories, they hold the same motion pictures as they were years back.
Villain in the story has to be dressed in dark shades and good natured humans will always dawn light colored attire. Same when it comes to animals.
A good tiger’s look in one story will differ from a bad tiger’s look in another story.
Right from the appearance to the lanes and by- lanes of the surroundings, everything is left to the power of visualization.
The famous Indian Mythological Persona, "The Naarad Muni", still stands high in my list of favourites. In most of the stories he would make an entry as a commoner with ignorance and leave with wisdom. Uncanny resemblance to humans on Earth makes him special.

Mangoes ruled the Vacation Food Zone. Nothing comes for free, they say. Mango eating at 27/paradise came with a milk drinking clause. For non milk lovers, this is a bit undesirable, but for me, it was manageable. Every day, close to one fourth portion of my milk would efficiently make its way into the drainage system.

Hobby Classes weren’t a part my summer holidays. At least not those regulated ones, where like school you had to take a bag and reach on time.
But I have graced some self selected hobby sessions.
When a lady in a building showed interest to teach some Basic Stitching, that became “Poornima Aunty’s Stitching Class”
Anchor Kits were a craze, so they were a part of almost every vacation. If the neighborhood library guy gives books at Rs 25 each, with a refundable deposit of Rs 100/-, lap up the opportunity.
While majority of my friends would go for Enid Blyton stuff, I would merry with Kapish, Supandi, Ramu-Shamu and Tantri the Mantri of the Tinkle digest. (Now, you know how Tinkle helped me keep up an old promise!)

Evenings made a perfect scene. While, the youth exploited the maximum area of the terrace with their gaming activities; the wise (senior citizens) occupied a selected path for their evening stroll. From sun-set to moon rise, the terrace buzzed. It would dawn silence, when people retire for dinner.
“The last to retire has to shut the door of the terrace” was a SAID rule in the building. Very few knew, the door would shortly re-open in the post dinner session.

A bunch of pre-teens & teens arrive here to get their daily doze on horror flicks. 2 Eminent horror movie watchers would narrate the scary anecdotes to the rest of the gang. The calm night, the story teller’s sound effects amid the silent surroundings, were a deadly combination for the mood to set in.
This would be the final escapade of the day. From here on, my next target would be to hit the bed.
One penultimate task before that. Check up with what the local cable guy has to play. (Cable guys are always famous for showing latest movies). Not that a late night movie watching was ever allowed, but it would help me plan whether i need to catch with the re-run session,the coming morning….


HowYouDoin' said...

Man, vacations are the days. One thing that I liked so much about the vacations is the relief that we get when we get up to do the homework after watching TV in the night then realise that there is no homework. I liked to be out in the sun during vacations. 10.30 was my favourite time of the day.

Anonymous said...

nice post...reminded me of my grandma's place..even we used do that "pehle main..." for shower..

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Well written.

Very sweet post.


einstein said...

very well said..those were the me nostalgic..

geetha said...

Hi, It is great to have such vacations. I remmebered my vacation in Paradise.There used to b many in our age group. Full afternoons we used to play cards Pallankuzi,Chohi etc.Some of us go to our native place.When we return we used to have a lot to exchange.
Good to read such postings.