Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tete a Tete with Mini Wonder....

I say:
Hello to u, my mini wonder,
U are more than generous to me dear,
Taking ur own sweet time to boot,
U leave me with lots of extra time to loot.

Of course I thank u for ur generosity,
But this cant go on for long buddy,
Before the pending things get piling,
U got to gear up and start running.

Ur warm up sessions are longer these days,
Getting older, are u hinting in a way?
Let me remind u, u just got a check up done,
Fit and fine u are, had the verdict come.

So whats delaying u so much, honey,
Have u forgotten, time is money?

My Mini Says:
Hello to u, my dear user,
Thanks for bearing with my performance poor.
Yes I know time is money,
But I m static, have u forgotten honey?

Use ur dynamism and get thinking,
What’s taking me, so long for booting!
I m a child and know no good or bad,
I take the path that u show me where!

My warm up sessions are longer no doubt,
But u are busy, u say, is something I doubt!
Knowing I m low, u still compose rhymes,
And then remind me of importance of time!

For every extra minute I take to boot,
U compose a line, with the time u loot,
U made me reply to all ur poetic queries,
Is this an additional task for me, I Worry


Shantharam Shenoy K said...

hey this is nice..a poetic thought

Sriya said...

Hey vyo,
The poems were awesome!
I like what your mini had to say about you! Yeah, you're giving it more and more work, also saying time is money. Very well interpreted, I must say. All the best! Keep posting such stuff like this!

Sidrah said...

wow...that was awesome ...simple, funny and very well composed! U'd make a good poet!

Like ur writing style ...will be bck soon ..cya! ^^

P.S: thanks for dropping by on my blog.. =)

RG said...

Them glitches sometimes
Inspire creative rhymes
Your posts nowadays fewer
But always getting better!


Tanmay said...

looks nice..although i dont understand poetry much..

Dan* said...

:D very nice

mspositive said...

fantastic gal, keep it up

dr.penumbra said...

hmmmm weird but a nice read

Ash D said...

To improve your computers performance, go to control panel and select performance. then go to free up space on your hard disk or rearrange your items to make programs run faster. I believe these methods should help your poor PC run faster, than the poem! :P

But seriously, very nice line of thought! Nice poem! :D Wonder how it wld be if your pc could actually write poetry, and feel and stuff. Guess AI is figuring all that our right now!