Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How i made him feel better....

He reported to me at 3.00, the post lunch session. I was given to understand he is a new recruit and under Test-Training. (On the Job training with an intention to check which area u excel). I handed him a list of our branch office Contact Nos and PIC. A follow up call, to all the branch heads, had to be made regarding an exclusive report they were to send. I assigned him the task.
Off with the list and the cordless he went on the other end. A transparent glass door, which courteously allowed sound waves to pass thru it, stood between us.

The First Call: Chennai branch: Fluent and Confident he went on in Tamil…PIC of Chennai turned out to be his old friend (this was a surprise to me, not him). The conversation went on for more than 20 mins (in Tamil), more like 2 frnz chatting after a long time…nevertheless the intended msg was conveyed.
The Subsequent Calls: lasted for hardly 2-3 mins. The msg was conveyed crisp and short, that too with great difficulty. Lack of clarity in communication, warranted my intervention occasionally. For him, Language was a barrier. Tamil was the only known language and English was just about manageable. Relentless of his drawback, he carried on the task with great dedication. His intentions to convey were visible, but language was a problem.

1.5 hours past…all follow-ups were done. I went to thank him for the genuine efforts he had put in.
Struggling to frame sentences, he communicated to me his language issues. My efforts to convince him that language is only a temporary barrier, and he will overcome it soon, didn’t bring any positive results. During our conversation I realized his agitation and helplessness went beyond Language.
He was unhappy with the entire idea of “being Trained” and then put to work.
Push and thou shall learn to swim” was his point of view.
I made some futile attempts by giving mini lectures on “Company Policy, Training: A platform for Better working” etc etc…..Dumb and Silly, sometimes I feel, on my urge to use those bookish fundas….
Finally I decided to do what I had as my Master Plan.
Breaking all my apprehensions, I spoke to him in Tamil. Tamil, for me, is as bad as any other language to him. Yet, at this point, his strength was more important than my weakness. May be his issues on training could be resolved better, in his own language. My ideas on training were the same, (old and boring bookish fundas), but language made a difference. He seemed to agree, on certain sections, though not all, when Tamil was chosen as a medium of Communication. Time and again he put forth the question on why I did not let him know earlier, of my Tamil Speaking Ability.
I had the same reply each time
I m not very fluent with the language”(This phrase had been his monopoly throughout the conversation) [;)]


Vinayak said...

nice post
gr8 work
keep it up

RG said...

Hey, so you had a little practical lesson on EQ? Narrated very well.

aduttha thadavai 'video' padam piditthaal naangaL ellOrum paartthu rasikkalAmE ;-)

madman said...

sweet n smart