Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Hidden Treasures

Cozily I lay on my bed…some random thoughts, freaky ideas, abstract conversations all pouring in. This inspires me to write. But write what? Haven’t thought about it… definitely something using the best of my vocabulary…something tender, something pensive, something articulate….just an experience. Just a feeling.
It isn’t everyday that I read thru my older posts. Wonder why I chose to do it this time?
A “wow” wave flows in as I recall that rainy afternoon when I knitted those wonderful lines….
This post might not excite you highly, but it surely leaves me with a grim feeling to re-read my own experiences, hidden in the form of entries here.
Expectantly I move on to see if I can come across some more phrases that I would love to call “My Favourite”
Not a long wait. ……as I stumble upon this one…
Over the years, they have graduated…elevated themselves by status,
I invite them for some fruitful discussions and they come up with brilliant ideas

Rarely does the World get an insight into my Universe of Imagination. This was one such opportunity. That evening, I translated my imaginations in Words…
My appetite encourages me to scan thru some older entries. In an attempt to feed myself, I come across this one…
Is it the time constraint, I wonder,
Or is it the constraint of creativity.
Is it the problem of communication,
Or is it all about others’ perception
Disability to keep up with frequent posts leads to couplets like these. They are one of my all time favourites.
In yet another leaf, I state,
I m a journey lover irrespective of the mode of transport
How very true! That me! Any further explanations, I fear, might tarnish its element of simplicity.
Anxiously I browse. In my urge to find more hidden treasures I discover this….
Every Article posted here… originally gets scribbled elsewhere…. Mostly in the last few pages of some book
This isn’t one of my favourite, but an old habit that died its own death. My initial posts in this blog have had hard copies too. The latest ones don’t share this privilege.
Having discovered some of these hidden treasures, I believe, it’s time to create some more of them and hide them further.


Historiophile said...

starting with nothing to write you have written something of great meaning
yes, our diaries and old posts are literally like sign posts of our past..they remind us so much of ourselves, things we have forgotten..of follies, of moments of exhiliration, or things that touched us deeply, or even our mundane quirks and eccentricities
Going thru them is like embarking on a journey called 'Me'

Varun said...

You can always look back fondly at what you wrote in the past.Sometimes it even surprises us how we managed to come up with something like that,maybe we couldn't do so now

~~> ScRibbLeS said...

love the feel of the whole blog..
simple words..totally genuine :)

Vinayak said...

gr8 blog!!!
u have done a gr8 work