Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BFI Down.

4.5 months of hibernation and back. Must admit; to the enormous changes that have taken place. The GREAT Indian Film Industry is now with us…. in the blogging world. With AB, AK, SK owning blogs, we have a glamour quotient added to this space.

With the population of this genre increasing by the day, I decided to take a quick stroll through these lanes. Honestly, for me, there has been too much of writing these days. (One of the prime reasons for my absence here).Happy to grace the research side of the Shipping Industry, my daily report generation mechanism gives me sufficient opportunity to play with words. Bar Graphs, Pie Charts and Series Tables have now become integral. Infact, it was during one of these exciting graphical endeavors that I realized, my much enthusiastically begun blogging space has been neglected. A quick plotting along the X-Y Axis enlightened me on the downward sloping Blogging Frequency Index. (Here after referred as BFI).

In my daily routine I always hope for positive indices, positive market trends, because it is easy to narrate a happy story than brood over sad ones. Red indices, falling markets compel me to analyze the adverse conditions with non-repetitive sorrow phrases. But my own BFI showed declining trends: A sign indicating, its time for corrections.

At the time of adverse conditions, sad stories can be turned to happy ones, with the commonly used tool of FORECASTS. When indices are down, show them the forecasts, if near future trends are equally saddening, bring up the long term fundamentals. On being well acquainted with these gimmicks, it is difficult to resist their usage in today’s post.

However…I better refrain my temptation. As it is, with my consistently inconsistent blogging, “My Space” is crying out loud. It’s high time the BFI starts moving northwards, and this post intends to take the first step towards yet another humble beginning.


Roy said...

If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don't remove it - I might be writing in my dreams.

Exactly, we should pay attention to our dreams - God's angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.


Deepen Thakkar said...

hey dear,
amazing blog
Passion in its final colours is obsession and obsession in its worse stages is madness.
on the lighter side isn't that piece an aftermath of writing too much research reports with earning downgrades. :)
still lovely blog and one more thing ,keep it a secret my future hangs on it ,i have loads and loads of mercator lines shares filled in my stack,whats your take on it ??