Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Critical Concerns.

Passion in its final colour is obsession and obsession in its worst stage is madness. The initial 3 mistakes weren’t an accidental phenomena. It dates back to the first train taken. The train and its experience were a new beginning. A beginning that wanted to see no end. Escapades happened adventures came along, some cheerful, some serious, but nothing deterred from lightening the spark of passion. And passion like fire gobbles in no time.

Stopping, was, by no means possible, changing the course of action seemed a better option. That’s exactly what was given a try. Drawing a Five Point Agenda, to invest the time and energy in an else- to-do-activities was chalked out. An impossible attempt with a secret intention. Dan Brown in his book introduces the readers to a whole new world of cryptics. Good Option, if thought of, an excellent pass time to kill time. But in this case it failed to create magic. Call it magic, in the Tradition of the Sun or the Tradition of the Moon, it works only if it succeeds. Here the cryptic strategy failed miserably, infact, it can no more be called a strategy, just a namesake attempt to move the cheese in the maze. Television, Music none of the conventional methods worked. Books didn’t do any good either. From Thousand Splendid Suns to Mahatma v/s Gandhi, all have been game to it and turned futile. They say, in turbulent times, lateral thinking should be adopted, it works wonders.

Lateral Thinking if applied, brings up the most critical concern of whether efforts are being made in the right direction. Tough question, even for me to answer. May be, time consuming as well. No point brooding over miscellaneous issues unless this most critical query is answered. So I decided to take a few moments off and entangle myself into some puzzle writing.

Read back and discover, an attempt to make a silent note of some prominent books that I have read so far.


Ankit Gupta said...

u started ur blof beautifully
Passion in its final colour is obsession and obsession in its worst stage is madness.

but the whole blog puzzled me !!

Keep Blogging

madman said...

sweet is all i can say, this word is gettin into me these days..
liked it a lot

Sushant said...

Well I must say I had to read your blog twice before getting a sense of it. Probably I am not that smart but it look simple but very mysterious to me. I am surely coming back for more..

Nikesh Rathi said...

Quite confusing at first glance, but interestingly written!

pj said...


Abhinav Viswambharan said...

To be honest, your way of writing is not simple. It's quite gripping. I might be sounding crazy but, it somehow strikes a chord with a English Sci-Fi.

By the way, I am quite bad at reading books. Have just read one book till now - 'Five Point Someone' by Chetan Bhagat. :P