Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here it goes ...yet again...

Here it goes. One more post-Work Related.Need to think of sumthing else b4 my readers brand me Monotonous.

Par kya kare,when from 12.00pm to 9.00pm u r in front of a Digital Notebook tracing the Freight rates,Crude oil prices, Vessel Positions and Port Operations…such workaholic posts are bound to come up.
So coming to the point…..2day is an independence day for me.In the sense,Boss is out,his Secretary is out..its me with only myself around.
Independent working, No interruptions....i find the usual 30mins work gets done in less than 10mins when done with continuity!
A Great sense of freedom…Management books talk a lot on delegation n decentralization of Authority…..A day without the Boss seems some what decentralized.
The schedule for the day was well decided….My agenda was drawn up in advance by HIM…yet…the order of priority was left to me. There were no
(un)necessary interactions to distract, Phone calls came up…but were non-diverting….in the sense, the calls didn’t warrant the dropping of task in hand and heading for sumthing new.
A smooth working with systematic timing!

Now for all those who are waiting to read, that I packed up soon n rushed back home..Sorry to disappoint u!
That didn’t happen. As of now…all I know, is, I need to be heading to a golf club to attend a Dinner hosted by our Company in the honour of an overseas Guest.
Heeeheeee….Smart readers know I m posting this from Office!


whtever said...

wow so dat might b a gr8 day cuz its rarely dat v can ve dat luxury of doin work our own way in office widout smone buggin us over head

Roseate dreams said...

hey coll post!!!
I expected u to say..."all works apart,blogging 1st once the head is away"
but u went home.......hehehee

madman said...

i m kinda disappointed with the post, to me it appears like something written just for documentation.

RG said...

Infrequent posts... and boring your loyal readers with work? Call back those idea fairies that you banished out the window long ago :-)

mindbodysoul said...

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Abhinav Viswambharan said...

So very true. The amount of work I do on a Saturday in office, is probably a little less than twice the work I would do on a weekday, with so many people around, so many mails to reply, so many calls to attend and so many distractions to bring down my productivity level.

poonam said...

freedom = bloggin from office ?

Lovinho;) said...

Hi! I'm from bRazil and I found your blog at orkut! Hey! You have great ideas! You write very good!
I loved the phrase you put on the top: "If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don't remove it - I might be writing in my dreams."
So cool!!! Kisses!