Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sailing in a New Ship.

Sailing in a new Ship, all the day long,
My Voyage charters me to hum a new song.
A different routine, all in a new weather,
Where Weekdays are long and Sundays seem shorter.

Bunkered with Joy, my each day dawns,
Carrying the Cargo of Zeal, all the way long.
I reach the port and face the sea,
Watching the waves of Experience waiting for me.

On to the Vessel I jump and sail with them
From the shore they take me to the Knowledge Den.
With each nautical mile, a discovery is made,
With the thrill of learning a new path is laid.

Sailing in a new Ship, all the day long,
Carrying a fleet of dreams and wishes along.
Praying and hoping to have a merry time,
In the industry that is often called Maritime!


madman said...

u started working somewherE?

RG said...

You shore seem to be enjoyin'
Dis new cruise in uncharted waters
Swim ahead swiftly and win
Watch out fer sharks, whales n otters.

Dive deep into data and do analyse well
Pearls (of wisdom) are never in the shallow
Your journey's joyous, us watchers can tell
Surfing along we are content to follow.


mspositive said...

your articles are always interesting ones. continue this good job. do not keep us waiting for long

whtever said...

well i don't knw how far it realtes ur life but ol i knw is i njoied ur poem its awesm