Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Blogger Returns

“Jab We Met” in June 2007, I had just toppled the Board of “No Entry” to enter the Blogosphere.
Initially “My Experiments with Truth” on Blogging were shrouded by fear and apprehensions.
It seemed like a “Mission Impossible” to accomplish.

However on “Applying Thought” I realized that what I have in me, is a “Basic Instinct” to Blog and there was no point killing this instinct.
So I decided to experience “The Joy of Flying” high on this passion.
With cute lil baby steps, I entered this new domain; only to discover that, soon I was all set to board the “Train to Maturity”

Today the “Baby’s Day is Out”.
The “Sense and Sensibility” of Blogging has been learnt.
With 6 months and 15 posts, it can be said that….
“In pursuit of Happiness” under the name of blogging, I see myself heading towards; what I call; “The Vyom Supremacy”.


Sach said...

that was Pretty Woman
"Welcome!" back...

Clueless said...

2 sach : nice comment.

vyo: the new appearance is too gurly,
n U shud thank movies n not the blog :p

RG said...

Hey, good stuff! This praise is not a "Minority Report", other "Oonche Log" of your fraternity also seem to have found it "Manpasand". May your creative urge to articulate lead to glory for "Tere Naam" in "Des Pardes", keep up the "Koshish" and show us "Duniya Meri Jeeb (or Keyboard?) Mein". Don't ever take life as "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi". Very soon we will be able to say "Raji Ban Gayi Gentlemanager"

-Love and Blessings

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

creativity at work haan...?

good one. :)