Friday, October 26, 2007

Catch 22!

Hello and Wel-Come to an exclusive section on Catch 22.
This is Anjali Kapoor and we bring u the live updates of Catch 22..the Mega Event. We are here to catch up with 22nd Bday Celebrations of 21st of October. This is the eve of 21st Oct…the 9th Day of Navratri and the eve of Dusshera .So without wasting much of the time…lets get in touch with our correspondent Suja Sharma…

Anjali: Suja,tell us how is the mood out there? It’s the eve of 21st Oct and 9th day of Navratri?
Suja: Yes u see its jubilation time out here….the bday girl is with her friends at the Navratri Night and with the bday coming up..its makes the event all the more special.

Anjali: That’s gr8 Suja, can u throw some light on who all are present with the bday girl on the eve of her Bday cum Dusshera?
Suja: As I just said Anjali,she is with her college friends,they are all decked up to take the dance floor...the cheer and joy is visible on their the same time we also see a bit of impatience, for the Dance Night is yet to begin.

Thnx a lot for those updates Suja…we will get back to u for more.

For all those who have just joined us….let us tell them..that we are here to Catch Up with the 22nd Bday Celebrations of the 21st of October…a very rare event that coincides with final day of Navratri. And this is the eve of 21st Oct…
Let us recall that this is not the 1st time that her bday is coinciding with a festive occasion. Last year too the bday fell in line with Diwali..and some years back it was Dusshera…a wonderful observation to make.

And as we speak to u….looks like the Dance Night has begun…lets get back to Suja…

On to u Suja….

Suja: Anjali,u should be here to watch them…the colourful navratri dance is taken its full form….The group is njoying like anything…they have an excellent choreographer within the group to assist them in co-ordination. It’s a treat to watch them perform. The bday girl is having a gala time.

Thnx Suja for those updates..the excitement in ur voice speaks for itself.
We take a short break on this note…..n will be right back….so stay tuned!

Wel-come back…looks like the bday girl has got her 1st bday gift…n guess who has given it to her? Well..its none other than the Capt Dhoni himself…Team India wins the T20 against the mighty Aussies.Its interesting to note that amidst all the festive celebrations and the Bday, there was this exciting match going on, n the Victory of Indian Team comes as a big Good News….…making celebration all the more special.

And now…With the eve of bday coming to an end…hardly a few minutes left for the clock to strike 12.00….the phone calls and smses have already started pouring in for the bday girl.

For all our Viewers who wish to send their bday greetings can send them at the following nos, flashing on the Screen.

56324--------- 56248----------- 54975
And here we get the updates that… THE FAMILY seems to be the 1st to wish…the frnz still waiting for the extact 12.00…
And there it goes…
the Clock Strikes 12.00!!!
God!!!Its the 21st of October.....
the much awaited Day Finally arrives!!!!
Loads of wishes, calls ,messages, friends rushing in to wish…. multi-tasking seems to be needed…its the The Very Special: 21st of October….n that’s evident.

The bday Girl is on her way back home…let’s catch up what’s in store for her at the residence?
Tons and tons of wishes of course, a cute mobile pouch and a Wallet…as a bday Gift…Wow!!!!

The Journey for the 22nd Year begins here….

And here we come to the end of this special section of Catch 22.
For more updates…Keep Watching Vyospace!!!


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