Vyo's World FAQ

What is Vyo's World ?

Vyo's World is a Blog  started in the year 2007. It was initially called  Vyo-space, signifying  "my space". As the content diversity of this blog increased, Vyo-space got rechristened to Vyo's World.

What to expect from Vyo's World?
Simple day to today ramblings, my thoughts, my opinions, my prejudices, on topics that I carefully choose to be vocal about.
At Vyo's World, you can stumble upon a "travelogue" or dig in to my "cooking mess".
You also get a sneak into "what I read" and "what I click".
An index on the left, will help you navigate to the topics of your interest.

What not to expect from Vyo's world?
Ads and promotional content.
Pop Ups - that ask you to follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

What form of writing has been explored here?
5 Forms of Fiction - 55 Fiction, 77 Fiction, Drabble 100, Fable & Parable.
Poetry ( under the head- Poetic Pondering)

Vyo's World - Then & Now ?
My tone of writing changed from passive to active voice.
Style of writing evolved from "lengthy to Crisp narrations". Now I love to say more, with less words.
In the process, I cautiously stay away from distracting alliterations & rhetoric questions that merely act as decorative pieces to the content.

Do you always want your readers to leave a comment on your post?. 
Your feedback  encourages me to write better. But if time doesn't permit  you to drop a line , no worries :)