Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Fancy Chandeliers to Fathomable Storage

I have been a silent admirer of Home Decor for decades.
Dad acquainted me
with words like Architect and Interior Designers, very early . He had a collection of magazines on Interiors. It showcased
  Long drawn curtains, Winding staircase, magnificent chandeliers and Sunlit rooms. This was my first brush with Home Decor as a school kid.

Gradually I started connecting Home Decors shown in magazines with those we see around. There was enormous difference.  What many people implement at home is more "need based". Half Curtains on windows to allow ventilation,  Cloth screens on mirrors, to protect them from scratches. Even if done unintentionally, these small acts add up to how your home looks.

Then a time came to organize my home. To my surprise, the real challenges were totally different. Arranging (forget decor) a home , is more about handling dicardables. Today, when  I look a pile of disposable clothes- I yearn for that "Barter Man" who traded  Old Clothes for New Utensils. This man, has vanished from our neighborhoods.

Real day confrontations include- handling Plastic Containers without lids, Carton boxes, outgrown apparels.....So, to tackle them with peace, I moved to what school taught us - "Best out of Waste". Today they call it ". Upcycling". 

The random pics that you see along  this post, are a few Upcyclings I have done, in the last 1 year...

 PIC 1- Lid Less Plastic Container, covered with Outgrown Toddler Dress + Broken fancy Hair clip.
PIC 2-  Mini Stationery stand- with a top portion of Plastic Bottle.
PIC 3- Makeover of a mundane plastic container with a unused piece of cloth.

Home  Decor was just a shout away. I decided to take it up on piecemeal basis- Corner by corner.  From fancy chandeliers to fathomable storage- my outlook towards Home Decor just widened bit.


SG said...

You have a good knowledge of home decoration. If you were living in California, I would have requested you to decorate my home. Of course, for a fee.

magiceye said...

Great work!

Pradeep Nair said...

Very nicely done, Viyoma. These recycled products have a unique value and life of their own.

You also remind me of my father. Instead of throwing away boxes that come with toothpaste, shaving cream, Horlicks, Bournvita, etc, he used to make small boxes out of them. He also used to give them as gifts to his former students or friends who come to meet him.

Glad to connect back with you, after almost a year! Looking forward to your posts. :-)