Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Watch your step- There is an Infant going around!

You make me realise - 5 sips of un-interrupted coffee is a luxury [ even at home].
I am sure, you are too young to understand the science behind a coffee getting cold, the ordeal of reheating it etc. So let's ignore this one.

Moving on.....

Have you noticed matured door callers ? They decently ring the door bell  & wait for us to open.But your 2.5 inch friends, keep knocking from the outside. To keep the music on, you too bang the door from inside,  as if to convey, " yes I am asking the elders here to open it".

There are times, I have unleashed dry-fruits, from our pillow covers.
After every meal, the sofa cushion- is bejeweled with morsels of food.
Few years down the line, if furnishing industry designs Cushion Covers adorned with "Food like fittings"- we can say, it's an "Infant inspired Idea".

These days, I talk to people, whose names I don't know. But they know you. They know your routine.
These strangers turned acquaintances are now my "friends" from the other building. You actually increased my social circle!

The other day, I attempted what you always do. I emptied the stationery rack , left it aside and went on to arrange the clothes stand. Having done the clothes, I  didn't know what to do with the stationery lying on the floor. But you perform this art with ease.
You empty your toy box at one end, and then start playing with broom. From broom you move on the books case and then to shoe rack. Your toys stay un-attended, till we pick them up.

You changed the definition of "Plan B" for me. Plan B, is what I can do, keeping you beside.
For all the miscalculated sleeping hours [ because you woke up earlier than I expected] - my Plan B comes to rescue.Gradually I realise, there are more things, I can do under Plan B.

And yes, I celebrate your extra sleeping hours too.

I take sweet revenge, on things where you can't question [ for now].
Look around . The soft toys, are wearing your out-grown clothes. It's my way, of keeping your teddies clean. Shopping at the play-store, is fascinating for me. Since you haven't started demanding things, I buy what attracts me at the play store. Now you know, why we purchased that Landline-toy phone!

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